Resources for “Alternate Reality Gaming at Interpretive Sites”

Art-Hunters-LogoAt the recent Association of Missouri Interpreters’ workshop in Sedalia, I spoke on Art Hunters, the interpretive alternate reality game I created with Red40 Entertainment for the Springfield Art Museum.  Those interested in learning more about the project might enjoy the links below:

ARGNet Article — An excellent article describing the project and its mission, by Michael Andersen of the Alternate Reality Gaming Network.

The Art Hunters YouTube Playlist — Watch episodes, promos, and the “Hunter Safety” video we created here.

The Art Hunters Facebook Page — Scroll through to see how our social media challenges for each week challenged players to demonstrate the themes they learned in each episode.

Final Report — Our summary and evaluation of the game, prepared for the Springfield Art Museum.

Ozarks Live! Story — To see what the game looks like from a player perspective, watch this story and interview with one of our youngest participants.

Interpreting in Alternate Realities — An article on interpretive ARGs that I wrote for Legacy, the magazine of the National Association for Interpretation.

The Scurry Squirrel Show — A demo version of a nature-based interpretive ARG that could be staged on a shoestring budget.

RevQuest Website — This annual alternate reality game at Colonial Williamsburg served as the jumping-off point for Art Hunters.

Talk by Jane McGonigal — Designer Jane McGonigal’s ideas about gaming were another inspiration for the project.

If you have any questions about the Art Hunters project, contact me at dakotawrussell@gmail.com.  Thanks for all the great feedback on the session!

Our "living statue" distributes promotional flyers in the run-up to the game.
Our “living statue” distributes promotional flyers in the run-up to the game.