“Let your Resources Roar!” Keynote Speaker: Rick Mansfield

Rick Mansfield

Dr. Eric “Rick” Mansfield is a retired educator, free-lance writer and environmentalist that runs the Ozark Heritage Project (OHP).  In 2018, OHP hosted or co-hosted events that removed more than 40 tons of debris from Missouri streams and watersheds, as well as presented in costume as some historical character to more than 6000 school-age children.  Rick is a syndicated columnist in several newspapers and a frequent contributor to numerous outdoor journals.  Rick currently has eight books in print, including his second children’s picture book –  The Last Ozark Elk – with at least three more to be released this year.

Beginning November 6, 2018; Rick recreated the historic journey of Henry Schoolcraft on its bicentennial, returning to Potosi nearly a thousand miles and three months later January 4, 2019.  He is the first person to ever do so.  He is writing a book about his experience – A Journey Through Time: Schoolcraft’s Ozarks Revisited hopefully to be published by 2021, Missouri’s state bicentennial. 

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