Then and Now: American Indian Representation in Missouri at Annie and Abel Van Meter State Park

Join the Missouri Humanities Council and Annie and Abel Van Meter State Park at Missouri’s American Indian Cultural Center for a presentation hosted by Lindsey Kaye Manshack. Manshack is a public health research coordinator at the Washington University School of Medicine and a tribal citizen of the Choctaw-Apache Tribe of Ebarb.

National Bison Day at Prairie State Park

With the signing of the National Bison Legacy Act on May 9, 2016 by former President Barack Obama, the bison became our official National Mammal, to be celebrated the first Saturday of November. Prairie State Park will recognize this momentous occasion with a day-long event at the park.

Historical Skills: Spinning and Weaving at Nathan Boone Homestead State Historic Site

Olive Boone was no stranger to crafting handmade items during her time on the homestead. Join site staff to see how residents of the Boone homestead transformed raw materials into finished goods. Try your hand at spinning cotton or operating a 19th century barn frame loom.

Missouri Day: Celebrating our Artistic Heritage at First Missouri State Capitol State Historic Site

For nearly 200 years, Missouri has served as a hub for artistic innovation. From quilt making to oil painting, and from ragtime to blacksmithing, Missouri has been the birthplace of hundreds of folk artists, musicians, authors, dancers, actors, and other creators and performers.

Landing After Hours: Jefferson City in the 1940s

Local author Dr. Walter A. Schroeder will discuss his recent book “Buddy’s Stories: Growing Up in Jefferson City in the 1940s.” Schroeder grew up in Jefferson City, and his book centers on his experiences as a youth in the city during and immediately after World War II.

A Saunter in the Autumn Landscape at Graham Cave State Park

Fall is finally here! Join naturalist Lorie Volenberg for a saunter through the park’s diverse upland and bottomland forests to explore the fall colors and try your hand at tree leaf identification. Hikers will also have opportunities to photograph the many hues of the woodlands.