Long-time AMI newsletter editor & herp enthusiast John Miller has a new book out.  The Missouri Department of Conservation blog describes it thusly:

Show-Me Herps, by John Miller, is a colorful guide to 50 of Missouri’s amphibians and reptiles. “Herps” is an abbreviated word from the Greek herpeto, meaning “animals that creep.” Show-Me Herps includes descriptions and colorful illustrations of 18 amphibians and 32 reptiles. Besides the description, habitat and food preferences of each species, the guide lists “cool facts” about each creature that are sure to capture the imagination of young and old alike. Did you know that the alligator snapping turtle is North America’s largest freshwater turtle species, with a record weight of 316 pounds? Do you know why the western slender glass lizard is not a snake, even though it has no legs? It’s in there!

You can read AMI member Jo Schaper’s review of the book here, and pick up your own copy online at the MDC Nature Shop.