2011 AMI Awards

Some news from your 2011 AMI Awards Committee:

AMI is a professional organization that assists and supports the work of individuals and groups engaged in resource interpretation.  A key word in that statement is “supports”.  How do you feel supported?  Is it through encouragement or a pat on the back?  The feeling of support from our colleagues and friends can spark creativity, be very motivating, and rewarding.

As a member of AMI, each one of us is given a chance to support a colleague annually.  This recognition of support happens by nominating an individual or group of people for an AMI award.   The AMI awards committee (Connie Grisler, Steve Jacobsen, Kevin McCarthy, Janet Price, Lee Wilbeck, Chanda Williams, and Cyndi Cogbill) developed five categories for our awards.  As a committee, we encourage you to read through these awards and consider a person or group that is deserving of recognition.  Missouri has top-notch interpreters who have done, or are doing programs that deserve our support.  This is your chance to recognize what your colleague in the interpretive field has accomplished.   

We have taken several new steps to make this process easier for you.   Read over the categories to see which best applies.  A numerical score will be given for each criterion within that category.  Instead of a list of things, consider the following questions:

  • What makes that person, group, program or media stand out? 
  • How have they affected you or others? 
  • How do they further the field of interpretation? 

Support AMI and your colleagues by nominating them for outstanding interpretation, today!

2011 Awards Nomination forms are available here as a Microsoft Word Document or an Adobe PDF file.  The deadline for nominations is July 15.