HELP WANTED! At the First Annual Birds and Bees Festival

Arrow Rock, Missouri – May 11th 2019 – 10 am – 4 p.m.

The Missouri River Bird Observatory (MRBO) is launching a new festival aimed at increasing public awareness and enjoyment of Missouri’s native birds, pollinators, and nature in general! In 2019 the Birds and Bees Festival will be held in conjunction with the Village of Arrow Rock’s Garden Show and Vintage Bazaar, which typically brings in 300-500 people interested in plants, gardening, and aesthetics. Our goal is to provide a great new experience for Garden Show attendees, as well as bring in hundreds of other people of all ages to experience and learn about nature! We want to show that wildlife, habitat, and natural resources conservation is not only important but enjoyable.

MRBO’s small staff will be operating a bird-banding station, bird hikes, and a kids’ activity as well as performing general festival coordination. The festival will take place all along Main Street in Arrow Rock and throughout the Arrow Rock State Historic Site and Visitors’ Center. The Garden Show is held at the Schoolhouse, a public building on the west end of Main Street – the entire remainder of the street will be Birds & Bees!

We are looking for volunteers to operate their own booths and activities to provide visitors with a diverse, educational and super-fun experience. Here is a list of possible activities and topics that we would love to have at the festival – but we welcome your ideas and the activities or presentations with which you already have experience!

  • Any bird and/or pollinator activities, particularly hands-on learning experiences
  • Educational stations for kids on bird or insect biology, adaptations, ecology, etc.
  • Guided insect or plant walks
  • Native plant ID workshops or lectures
  • Basic ecology and conservation experiences for any age level

If you are interested in volunteering at this event, please see the attached file for contact information.


  1. Hi Joey, My name is Hannah Petri, CIG/CIT and the Docent and Interpretation Manager at the Saint Louis Zoo. We are hosting a workshop from Anitoch University New England about Conservation Psychology. It’s a fantastic opportunity and a program that I have done and continue to use the materials in my job here. I wanted to share this opportunity, would be willing to post to your networks? Thanks. ~Hannah

  2. Hi Joey,
    My name is Hannah Petri, CIG/CIT and I am the Manger of Docents and Interpretation here at the Saint Louis Zoo. We are hosting Antioch University New England’s Conservation Psychology Institute here in August and was hoping you could post this opportunity to this network and others. It is a fantastic program that I was involved in 2012 and I continue to use the resources in my current job. Thanks for posting. ~Hannah

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