2021 AMI Conference: Call for Papers

2021 AMI Conference: Call for Papers

If you are interested in presenting at the 2021 AMI Conference, please complete the form below. If you would rather submit your papers by mail, there is a form you can download at the bottom of this page. The 2021 AMI conference will be held from September 20-22 at the Lodge at Port Arrowhead.

Please complete this form to submit your workshop proposal. If you prefer to submit your proposal by mail, please download the document below.

Proposals are due: Tuesday, July 20, 2021.

Workshop Description:

Provide a 250 words or less description of the workshop that includes (cut and paste below):

1) Theme

2) Objectives

3) Content

4) Mode of delivery

5) Benefit to participants

Program Information:

Please write a short description/advertisement of your workshop that can be used in the Conference Program and promotional materials (You may cut and paste below; 75 words or less).

Room Arrangement and Equipment: (All rooms will be set up classroom style unless otherwise noted. Please be specific in number of tables needed and whether you need indoor/outdoor spaces.)

Equipment: Please indicate what you will need furnished for you.