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A Message from the AMI President

As we all know these are difficult times for our members and for people around the world. Many of us are reeling from the rapid changes in our home and work lives. For many of our interpreters, this may result in temporary loss of income or job. These are trying times but I know that we are a resourceful bunch who are capable of helping people see our sites in new lights – I urge you to find this inner light for yourself during this time. Although we cannot surround ourselves with interested guests, we can still help our friends and families through this time with our skills. Help them see the light at the end of the tunnel, there is one. we may have to slog through the dark for a long time before we reach it but knowing that the light is there can help us keep going.

We, interpreters, have ways to be social in our isolation, if you use social media please check out these pages:

AMI Facebook Page

NAI Region 6 Facebook Page

NAI Facebook Page

I also highly suggest this article from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Even if you aren’t a bird person it might help you think creatively for ways to handle this time.

There is some upcoming AMI business that will need to be handled in the near future, look for emails soon! If you need us to email you at a different address due to changes in work email availability please let us know and we will handle that.


Jordanya Raos

AMI President