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It takes many hands willing to work together to continue to build a strong foundation. This is YOUR opportunity to grow your leadership skills and make a difference in this organization that we all care so deeply about. As interpreters, our role is critical for connecting Missouri citizens and each other to our natural and cultural, and historical resources.

The AMI offices for President, Secretary and Membership Chair are up for election for 2019.  This is your opportunity to serve, whether you are new to AMI or have been a long-standing member, a student, volunteer, or full-time interpreter.  AMI needs your leadership right now!  

Interested candidates, please send a “head shot” photograph and a paragraph campaign write-up by July 31st

AMI President: 2-year term

President shall be the presiding officer at all meetings of the Association and at all meetings of the Executive Committee.

AMI Secretary: 2-year term

The Secretary shall keep the corporate records of the Association, including records of all meetings of the members and the Board of Directors. The Secretary also shall chair the Audit Committee.

Membership Chair: 2-year term

The Membership Chair shall be responsible for the oversight of membership solicitations, getting news out to membership in a timely manner, and the members-at-large.

AMI also seeks the following positions:

Newsletter Editor: This position is responsible for putting out the call for newsletter information (photos, articles, site updates, anniversaries, etc) and developing the quarterly newsletter.  The position must stick to deadlines to receive the information, work on laying out the newsletter and getting the newsletter into member’s hands.  The type of format that is used for the newsletter is flexible and creativity is welcome.  Below are the deadlines.  Please keep in mind that the dates can be adjusted a day or two depending on how it falls during the week. 

Fall: Information in hand by Oct. 1st 
Newsletter to members by Oct. 31st

Winter: Information in hand by Jan. 1st
Newsletter to members by Jan. 31st

Spring: Information in hand by March 15th
Newsletter to members by April 15th

Summer: Information in hand by June 5th
Newsletter to members by July 5th

Auction Chair: This position shall coordinate with the conference planning committee each year to form an auction committee. The position shall work with the conference committee to advertise and recruit auction items, maintain and organize auction materials coordinate and set up the auction and work with the Treasurer to process payment on purchased items at the event.  

If you have questions or are interested in running for or being considered for any of these offices please contact Elections Chair, Lisa LaCombe, at lisa.lacombe@mdc.mo.gov or by calling Burr Oak Woods Nature Center at (816) 228-3766.